Friday, 11 December 2015

POD 1#

First stop over, the land of a thousand smiles (for a short 45 minutes). We embarked on our first adventure, finding out where the best restaurant in the airport was (as recommended by Amos).  Mango sticky rice and thai milk tea filled our stomachs, though many of us were still craving for phad thai ;) Our group still unfamiliar with each other, kept relatively quiet while we ate our sticky rice. Hope that during these next 11 days, we can bond into a cohesive medical term and by the end of this trip, grow into a close knit group. I am sure that there would be many challenges along the way during the trip, and the bright minds in our group would come together to jump across these hurdles J Now off to our second part of journey to Kunming China!!!! WOOHOOO.

So the usual formalities of passing through the Chinese police station too pass them some forms and off we went to our accommodations. Pretty good accommodations (y)! Everything is provided for in this placeJ. Grabbing our SIM cards (through the help of a policeman..ahem ahem) and getting dinner and some dumpling place (I think Pings Dumplings, Clayton, copied their idea from this place)! Hahaha, guys don’t be fooled by the Ma La noodles. The Liew brothers tried the Ma La noodles and I think tomorrow, we would be pooping out fire. You could say it is our BAPTISM by FIRE!!!!

Back at our accommodations, we met up with Diana and Martin again who briefed us on our plans here in Kunming. Looks like we have much to do in the next couples of weeks, but I’m sure it would be fun and rewarding!

Till then here are some photos of our accommodations!!!!

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