Sunday, 13 December 2015

Miao village

So we left our guest house to start our supposedly 2-3 hour journey to the  (village name). 30 minutes down the road, we stopped at a chinese Sinopec station for what was supposedly the best toilet before we enter the village. And after just 45 minutes in the car, we arrived at our village of the miao people. It was a picturesueqe town nestled between the valley of the mountains. We met with the church pastor, Wang shifu and quickly settled into our simple but beautiful accommodations. There were no shower facilities available, and the most basic of toilets (only a hole in the ground).

So we spent the first day in the miao village marveling at the rows of corn that were drying on the roofs of the villagers, they were to be made into food for the pigs (it was a hell lot of corn). Next we had a short introduction to the village and its surrounding mountains. Really picturesque views of the mountains that surrounded the village. With nothing left for the rest of the day, we had an opportunity to be sheperds. With a piece of stick and 20 sheep’s + 2 cows, we embarked on our adventure to the top of the mountain where apparently the grass is always greener.  Views were nice at the top though.

In the evening, Wang shifu invited us to join his church service. We sat around the first few pews and the miao people sang beautiful renditions of a couples of church songs.

We are all ready and rested for the next day J

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