Monday, 14 December 2015


Rise and shine in the beautiful miao village. The beautiful villagers cooked for us some bao (which is totally different from the baos of Singapore, but nonetheless delicious) J After a lazy morning, we went about setting up the medical check up area for the villagers! But the weather wasn’t to our favour and it started drizzling, so we had to move under the shelter. In total, we moved our layout 3 times HAHHAHA.

So at 12 noon, just after lunch, we opened the medical check up area for the public. We managed to screen the staff of the church first. Slowly but surely, the villagers started trickling in. Most had problems that  were due to repetitive farming activities (e.g osteoarthritis). A few interesting cases along the way as well. However, due to poor communication with our coordinator, we did not see as many villagers as we wanted to see.  In the end we managed to screen roughly 25 people from the village. Hopefully helping them in 1 way or another.

Before we knew it, it was our favourite time of the day, DINNER TIME!!! We got our hands into helping the villagers cook, from chopping chickens to pork to veggies to chili, and frying everything in salt, lard, salt, lard, salt, lard and a little bit of chili. (which is still hot).

After dinner, Wang shifu, took out a super long rope where we played tug of war and limbo low HAHAHAH

All in all, not too bad of day! Sorry guys i dont have too may photos of today, would post up whatever i have

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